Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ecotourism - Travel and Tourism of natural places

Ecotourism is one of the rapid growing forms of tourism which is considered as the alternative form of the Mass Tourism. This form of tourism involves the travel of natural places with responsibility and caring of nature. It involves the travel of natural places with responsibility. In the tourism world Ecotourism is newest form of tourism. This form of tourism is often known as an Ecotravel.

Objectives of Ecotourism

* Education of the travelers
* Knowledge of Nature
* Get funds for ecological conservation
* To benefits the local communities
* To foster respect for different cultures and for human rights.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Importance of Environment

The Environment is also known as nature includes all living and non-living things occurring naturally on Earth. The Environment is a living place of all living species. In modern days our Environment is strongly influenced by humans. In broad sense Environment is equivalent to the natural world, physical world, or material world. Environment may refer to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. It ranges in scale from the subatomic to the cosmic. It is related to the intrinsic characteristics that plants, animals, and other features of the world develop of their own accord. Environment also refer to the general realm of various types of living plants and animals, and in some cases to the processes associated with inanimate objects–the way that particular types of things exist and change of their own accord, such as the weather and geology of the Earth, and the matter and energy of which all these things are composed. In Environment we can include wild animals, sea animals, rocks, forest, beaches, Oceans, Hills etc.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

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